Sheffield Tour

18 10 2007

It was my birthday. No school allowed me to explore this city and take some snaps. I got an all-day rider ticket for the tram. There I was, riding the tram, checking out the city. When it got to the end of the line I stayed and went back the same direction I came from. Then I switched to the next tram and then the next one. It was the best way to discover the city I thought. Here’s a few of the buildings I get to see on my way to school and in the area.


Engagement Photos

18 10 2007

My future brother-in-law flew in mid October from the states for a visit before the wedding happening in December. We got together for a engagement photoshoot in a park. It was beautiful with the autumn colors and blue sky. Enjoy!

First post!

18 10 2007

Check it out! the first words for this blog…