Leaves on the trees

23 11 2007


It’s the day after Thanksgiving and there’s still autumn leaves on the trees. Even green leaves can be found. I’m shocked. I’ve been expecting barren trees, snow and sub zero temperatures but that hasn’t been the case. England is warmer than I had anticipated. That’s good.

PS. This is a photo in our student accommodation courtyard.


Wedding Workshop

7 11 2007

I took part of an awesome workshop on Monday that focused on using flash and lighting during the gloomy winter months. It was great to stand alongside a real pro watching how he thinks and works. It was an eye opener and excellent learning experience. Thanks Brett and Kristi! Check out the pic’s! And yes, they are taken by yours truly.

Sidenote: Here’s some more info on the day. There’s also a photo with me in it. 🙂