Zapping calories

27 01 2008


I didn’t mean to only mention “zapping calories” to catch your interest but to actually talk about exercise. In High School I was very active in sports. Every autumn reminds me of cross country season and football season. Being in the band I got to go to all of the friday night games. It was awesome. Then winter rolled around which I did wrestling for a couple of years but later on only hit the weight room and ran to get my base mileage in for track. Spring was Track & Field. Competition was fierce since we had awesome runners. I started off doing the 400m, long jump and 110m hurdles. A friend of mine did distance and said how much stamina (Stamina? What’s that? A new word sprung into my vocabulary) it takes to run far and only few people could handle it. Oh, yeah, I thought, that sounds like a challenge to me. I have always been the fastest in my class so I wanted to prove myself. I went up to our coach and said I wanna run in the 800m. He shook his head and said 1600m race instead. No, no, I don’t want to do that one, the 800m is enough for me. That was it, I had no option, he signed me up for the 1600m. Ever since that day I ended up being a distance runner competeing in the 800m, 4x800m relay, 1600m and 3200m. Mind you that I usually did all of them in the same meet. When my family moved and I transfered schools, in lieu of being in the middle or end of the pack I suddenly was in front! But the cool thing was if you place in all four events in the same meet you got an award. So that’s what I did and got a few of them. Nutrition was a big deal to performing well. I stayed away from deep-fried, sugar laden, unhealthy food. Some of my friends thought I was a weirdo for not eating cake and such for refreshments or get-togethers. I told them it was poison. 😉 I yearned to learn more about health and fitness. An article came across my path naming 100 reasons to exercise and elaborated briefly on each point. In attempt to find that article again, I failed but found something similar online here. I came onto this topic because of my little bro. He used to be really fit and waffer thin. Then it changed in his early teenage years due to video games, junk food and minimal interest to doing stuff outside (seems to be most typical teenagers). Suddenly not too long ago he decided to join the football team. Buying some weights and exercising popped up from no where. Was this the same little bro.? Yep, the new and improved one. It’s good to see people suddenly change like that and it becomes a part of their lifestyle.

I personally think teenagers ought to go outdoors, do some non destructive sports or even dancing. (I suppose it shouldn’t stop even when entering into adulthood) This allows a great outlet when there is anger, stress, tension and disappointment. Exercising people are happy people. It’s true. Remember endorphines, the happy chemical, is produced from physical exertion.

Here’s an interesting article persuading us that it’s okey to exercise in the cold. Here’s an additional article by the NYT about how music effects us when exercising.

Alright, it’s time for me to move my body.


Traveling in 2007

20 01 2008


»In the year 2007, I have to say that I have traveled a lot. I’ve been on many planes and trains. The most visited place has been London which I visited in Jan for Christmas and New Years, for the 4th of July and Tour de France London Kick-off, August to see my youngest sister before departing to NH and attended the Manchester Convention, Sept I moved to England, October visited for my birthday, guided in London for my brother-in-law and did an engagement photo-shoot, November for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and three times in December for the wedding, Christmas and New Years. Other places I have made a presence are Doncaster, Manchester, Newchapel and Leeds in England. Then of course I have been to Gothenburg and Copenhagen. New European countries added this year would be Belgium and the Netherlands when my brother and I drove down from Sweden to move to Sheffield which included some countries I’ve already been to. The most exotic places would definitely be Vietnam and Thailand with my work buddy Anton Thai in April/May. We were gone three weeks and traveled to more than a dozen cities, we were on twelve planes, one train, five boats, buses and taxis (motorbike, car and SUV) which I have no idea since I lost count. Thinking about all this traveling, I wish had one of those cards to accumulate air mileage points. Ah, well.

So that pretty much sums up my traveling for 2007. We’ll see what 2008 will hold. I know I will be back in London since my fam is there. I plan on visiting Sweden, possibly Spain or the South Pacific Isles and maybe Mexico. My sister was talking about possible plans of hosting Christmas in Toronto, Canada. But who knows where I will visit this year. I haven’t planned anything definitive as of yet. It’s that anticipation that is kinda exciting. =)

»Sometimes you never know who you will end up meeting on a bus, on the street, on a tour, a trip, a roommate, living somewhere… you get my point. Sometimes, is it by coincidence? I think not. One of these people is Pete. He was serving in Jönköping when I moved there and since I didn’t have a job at the time I spent a lot of time with them. Okay, all my time…go over in the morning for preparations, out to appointments, eating and then going back to Huskvarna to see them off. Well, anyways I wanted to say kudos to my buddy Pete over at his blog for mentioning me over there in his post titled “It’s Good To Be Back”. I guess there are some stories behind the LLL alias.

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Ooooo, fonts!

10 01 2008


First of all, I have to mention that I am a font freak. When I look at a magazine article, cover or ad, I think to myself, “what a cool font! I gotta find out the name of it.” And so that has begun my collection of fonts. All of this started when I wanted to learn how to make appealing posters. Fonts is a biggie.

One of the most annoying fonts that make my skin crawl is Times New Roman. It’s the default font in Word and so it seems everyone uses it. I’ve chosen another one for my default. Some people don’t know that you can change the default font settings. Another font that drives professional presenters crazy (not me, I personally like it) and maybe typophiles is Helvetica regular. It’s an awesome clean modern font but overused since it’s the default of the Mac. I guess the default fonts get the brunt of it.

I found one font that I love and think would be awesome in wedding albums. I couldn’t find it anywhere. But it was evidenced more and more places: from a website, to a logo, to greeting cards. Then finally the day before yesterday I came across it, could it be I thought. Yes, it was true. Eureka, I have found it! The font I’ve been searching for…the name…Scriptina. It’s even a free download. Nice.

Finally, I know we have a lot of font freaks (like me) out there, and if you’re one, you’ll be interested to see list of the most popular fonts of 2007. Click here

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

3 01 2008


Today was the first day of snow since I have moved here. After a long spell of no frozen precipitation, I thought it simply just didn’t exist. I was wrong. However the snow evidenced in this photograph from my mobile was only existent for a few hours. I’ve heard even in Switzerland there has been a shortage on snow for all the skiers and snowboarders. If I can walk around in a light jacket, I’m happy.

Happy Last Day of 2007

2 01 2008

The Last Day of 2007. Amazing. Every year we say that the year has flown by so quickly. As the old adage goes, time flies by faster the older we get. I traveled down right after work to London. There is always a YSA dance at Hyde Park on New Years Eve which is well attended. And Andrew was going to DJ for part of the time. We were to break it down to the music. When it got close to midnight Nancy, Shaun, Patrik, Ben, I and couple of others left to see the fireworks which is launched at the London Eye. This was going to be my first time watching it live instead of on TV or being somewhere else. Talk about a need for crowd control! We heard of estimates that there were 700, 000 people in the center of London to watch it live as well. I’m not sure how many of them we met but it was a lot. I don’t think we have ever seen so many drunk people before. We wished people a happy new year. We even shouted out a “Happy New Year to you behind the tree, wee weeing.” Then they get more embarrassed and try to hide. You’re not going to hide buddy, I thought. Shaun was totally excited to experience the fireworks. We didn’t have the perfect view but we had also a view of the big screen monitor for the crowd. Afterwards we thought to find Patrik and his crew since we lost’em in the crowd. A guy and his girl walked by with a megaphone in his hand. We asked to use it. They obliged with a smile. Shaun calls out “Patrik are you out there? Patrik. Patrik. Where are you?… Patrik, this is the police.” As soon as he said that, the couple sped away in a hurry. Maybe they had some illegal dried plants on their person? You kinda wonder just why they reacted to the way they did.