Yearn to Learn

29 02 2008


First of all, happy leap year! It’s kinda weird that today is the 29th of Feb.

How did I ever end up with computer and photography interest anyway? Now that brings me to share a story. In applying to US universities, I did get accepted to the ones I applied to. But then things turned sour and I wasn’t able to attend. I was working at the time and kept at it. I was called to serve in the YM presidency and as a seminary teacher. I noticed I needed a computer at home. So I plunged in and got my first one ever. Then I could create all the handouts and documents that I needed. But I had this unquenchable desire to learn besides going to work and doing volunteer work. So I thought what is something I could learn that would be valuable in most jobs in the job market. CPR, not really…dental stuff, nope…computers, ding ding ding. My roommate, Jari and I just purchased one about the same time. We were like…”dude, you can change the background! You can change the color of the task bar.” It took like 1.5hrs and talking with one guy and calling someone else just to network our computers together to transfer a file. It is a bit funny when looking back in retrospect.

One problem was that I wasn’t satisfied with some of my fliers and what not. It didn’t look that good and didn’t know what was wrong either. But somehow I stumbled onto Adobe’s website, the company that makes software for creative professionals. Basically all the magazines, ads, TV commercials, posters, billboards, graphics and etc is done with their software. I was enthralled by their flash video orchestrated to fun music showcasing what the Creative Suite could do. So I got it and learned. And that has lead me into photography. So here I am, doing this stuff that I had no idea how to do only a couple of years ago. Boy do I ever yearn to learn.

Now here’s a list of links for ya if you want to learn from online video tutorials:

  • Kelbytraining Video tutorials to learn from world’s best photographers and about PS
  • Totaltraining Video tutorials on DVD and online about programs
  • A video tutorial resource to learn how to use loads of programs and OS’s.
  • DMTS Here’s another video tutorial site that’s publishes them online and on DVDs
  • David Ziser DVD on photography
  • Joe Buissnik Beverly Hills wedding photographer has also a DVD set to learn from him and even workshops
  • Cantrell Portrait Design has DVDs on wed photography

These are subscription based but there are a lot of DVDs to buy or even free tutorials on websites. There are loads of websites out there wanting to devulge their secrets, wanting to share the wealth…………..of knowledge that is. Then the cool thing is, there are probably some studios nearby that offer how-to workshops of some sort. Of course there is the classic medium of getting books to learn from.

So go at it and find something you want to learn. Continue on and those skills and knowledge you acquire will be of worth and people might even pay you to get access to it. 😉


Awesome Photos

27 02 2008

I love to start the day with some amazing photography. I’d like to think that if I get to view good photography, then I will become like that too. It’s kinda working. lol Anyways, if you want to start off with some inspirational work to get your creative juices going, here are some links. There are some great ones on and blogs besides traditional websites.

I hope you enjoyed visiting through the sites and there is a bit of variety for different tastes. Of course, there are loads more that could be visited. Maybe that’ll be on an other post. Do any of you visit particular photography sites?

Week in Photos

26 02 2008


Yahoo! usually has some cool photography from the Associated Press in their “the week in Photos” section. If you happened to miss this when reading their articles or not even read Yahoo stuff, go to Yahoo. Then click on a headline to read about it. On the left hand side there should be a link to go to their photos of the week. This week it’s here.

PhotoshopUser TV

25 02 2008

I thought to make this week photography week. To start off the week, I usually download the lastest episode of PhotoshopUser TV through iTunes since it’s a video podcast that I subscribe to. Just a quick tangent, I love the fact that someone came up with “podcasts” then “video podcasts.” Then I never have to miss an episode and get to listen or watch it whenever I want. And not only that, I don’t have to be by my computer. I can just put it on my iPod and watch while I’m on the train, plane or wherever. Oh, oh, and even while I’m waiting for something so I don’t feel that I am totally wasting time. I just have to add, I love putting talks on it as well: all from BYU devotionals, motivational talks, General Conference, comedy stuff, whatever floats my boat.

So back to my story…They have a new episode that comes out every Monday. But it’s available around the afternoon/evening EST. They cover photography stuff, photoshop stuff and related stuff. If nothing else, it’s hilarious to watch.


23 02 2008


Sometimes I feel like a total geek when I say that I am majoring in bioscience which means I have classes in biology, physics, chemistry and math. Then I work with tech stuff outside of class. I guess I just have to accept it and stop being in denial.

So anyways, every other week we have a physics lab to do an experiment. This week was boring since we just had to see if Newtons Law of Cooling was true or not. But two weeks ago when we were walking to lab, we heard the fire alarm. Large group of students gathered outside the doors, sirens were screaming and a scent of smoke was in the air. Did an experiment go wrong somehow? Lab got cancelled. Firetrucks and firemen were everywhere. It was a bit overkill since the following week we were informed that the smoke came from a renovation project and they were cutting steel which gave off the smoke. So it wasn’t too serious. But boy, that doesn’t happen everyday so I got some pict’s.

And talking about fire makes me think about scouting. When I was yay tall, we would have campouts every month. I would learn stuff from my fellow scouters. One thing that seemed to be very important in our campouts was f i r e. We always had to have fire to play with our fire pokers, burn our marshmellows, warm up hot chocolate and make smores. And if any ants were in the area some friends found it fun to do ant wars. That meant some plastic bags for example would be wrapped around a wooden stick and heated in the fire. The plastic would melt so much so that it would drip like a mini fireball. The drips would make a special sound like an arrow swooshing by. They would aim the dripping plastic fireballs at the ants so they wouldn’t bother us anymore. And that was our war with the ants. Stuff that we did…


21 02 2008

Have you ever wondered what that little “rss” icon or text on websites stand for? I have. I tried to read about it but it didn’t make any sense to me. Then finally, not too long ago, I figured it out. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. ahhh…okey…

Here’s a video that helps to illustrate what it is and how to use it. So what’s so cool about this? Well, you can subscribe to a news feed or blog or photo gallery or whatever. The lastest changes will be notified in the rss feeder. So in lieu of going to a bunch of websites and blogs to see if it’s been updated, you’ll just check your rss feeder. It’s nice to check only one place instead of loads of places.

I found this link that explains how to do it with the rss feeder. Below are some examples of a rss feeder, there’s also Apple Mail and Safari.


There’s a webpage that I found while writing this post showcasing the top 100 most subscribed rss feeds even though they weren’t all that exciting here. So hopefully you’ll start using a rss feeder to save some time surfing the net as it becomes more prevalent in our lives.

Brain cramps & rewards

18 02 2008


I totally believe in the reward system: coming to class=a piece of candy, get an answer right= get a point, win a race=medal. So when a couple of classmates and I gathered together to study for upcoming exams our brains fried, got cramped with info and got short circuited. For our fabulous efforts, we rewarded ourselves with some fun. We ended up at a bowling alley. It felt good knocking down those pins. Bowling is so much better now than several years ago when we had to put up with all the cigarette smoke. Good thing society wised up about passive smoking. I prefer pink lungs.So whenever you feel overloaded with stuff and put in a good effort, reward yourself even if it’s as simple as a smoothie. 😉 Need I say more.

Kind on the same note of studying, I woke up early on Monday to fit in some last minute hours before the test for Biology. When I came to the computer I saw a headline about our church on Yahoo. It concerned the passing of Pres. Hinckley. My heart sank but realized that it was probably time. He had been joking about his age and that he’ll be released by one way or another. But he has done so much and definitely made a mark for himself in history. He will be remembered for so many things. He’s the one I remember in my teenage years, calling me to Minnesota, at general conferences, met him at our mission conference (it was the day before the St. Paul temple dedication and heard that we had a conference. He couldn’t help himself, he just really wanted to see and talk to us), and then again met him in Copenhagen at the temple dedication and celebration the day before. That trip was his first in public after the passing of his wife. But now they must have had a joyful reunion on the other side. As the song goes, “until we meet again.” Now the reigns continue with Pres. Monson. I love his wit and humor. In smaller gatherings, he’s hilarious. I think one of his most funny talks in a large gathering was a CES one titled “Life’s Greatest Decisions.”