spring break?

31 03 2008

Did I just have spring break for two weeks? Can’t believe it’s over already. What did I do? Hmmmm. Instead of thinking of stuff I didn’t get done, I thought of stuff that I did do. Let’s see. I did go to work and hosted a workshop. I did travel to London. I did have visitors, Nancy and Shaun for the weekend. I did have 15 pages of assignments that I turned in today. In that light, I did get a good amount done. I’ll show some pictures from this weekend hopefully by tomorrow.

I hope you all have had a good break for those who had a break. Laters.


London Photoshoot

28 03 2008

I traveled down to London last weekend and had no special plans besides eating pumpkin pie. So Monday Nancy, Shaun and I tried to visit Westminister Abbey before the last admission time. By the time we got, they closed early, like five minutes early. Grrrr. St. Pauls Cathedral closed the same time. So it seems we’ll be visiting those places another day.We walked around and took some photos instead. Swung by Giraff for some burgers and off to the London Eye. Snow was swirling and the temperature plummeting. The Eye had some mechanical issues so it closed early. What a day! At least we got some photos from the day. We all took turns taking photos of each other. 🙂20080324photoshoot_08web.jpg20080324photoshoot_10.jpg20080324photoshoot_36.jpg20080324photoshoot_51.jpg20080324photoshoot_52.jpg20080324photoshoot_96.jpg20080324photoshoot_100.jpg20080324photoshoot_102.jpg20080324photoshoot_108.jpg20080324photoshoot_138.jpg20080324photoshoot_144.jpg20080324photoshoot_29.jpg20080324photoshoot_152.jpg 


25 03 2008

Since I titled this post “attitude” the first thing that came to my mind was what I hear from teenagers, “hey, what are you looking at?” or anything along those lines. That wasn’t the type of attitude I was thinking about. The one I had in mind is the one you think of when you meet someone and think to yourself, boy he has such a great attitude. That’s what I wanted to talk about. Someone who gives of themselves, put themselves out on a limb and doesn’t mind at all. When I was in the MTC, a sister came into our class and shared a quote. It was the one that states that as time passes by the more you realize that life is 90% about attitude. We talked about it. No matter what happens to you, what someone says to you and what situation you are placed in, you controll how you will react and respond. Do we try to still have a smile on our face in tough times? Brush off comments made by others? Do people become uplifted when they are around you?

So anyways, attitude is contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Blogless week

23 03 2008

This week has been officially the blogless week. Sorry if I disappointed anyone that have checked in to get in on the latest from yours truly. I wonder since spring break is here I’ve subconscienciously also taken a break from blogging? Hmm. Anyways, I thought to share some wacky news from this past week.

Did you read about the boy who foiled the plans of a school shooting then went and burglerlized the accused suspect for the shooting.

Then there was the lady who was in a boat off the coast of Florida and a huge 7ft sting ray flies up out of the water and lands into the boat. In its path into the boat, stood the lady and got knocked over and died from the collision. A freak accident.

So back to spring break, it’s funny that break is here and still it’s not a break. Some lecturers think, more time, then more time to do homework. But I hope to get some random stuff done.

I came to London to visit the fam and have pumpkin pie. What else I will do? I simply have no idea. Everything is spontaneous.

Anyways, have a good Easter weekend.

Friday News Wrap-up

14 03 2008


Did you know?
You burn 1.3 Calories for every minute of laughing. I hope you have many funny moments this weekend. 🙂

Sometimes it is interesting to see what comes on “people on the web”. A physics teacher at MIT was showcased which is in the photo above. I think that a class can be super boring or super fun depending who teaches it. I wish all of my teachers were like the guy above. Here’s the article. He can even be found on iTunes U in the iTunes store to get his podcasts.

Another item from the news is Fortune Magazine’s list of top most admired companies. Some were kinda obvious but some I have never heard of.

Well, guys and gals, that’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday. Birthday.

11 03 2008

Alexander Graham Bell had his birthday one week ago on Tuesday. I always like birthday celebrations and having a shindig. Oh, the food, the games, the fun, the laughs. I guess we all could be thankful for Mr. Bell for being part of the revolution of the phone since we use them daily and the portability is now commonplace with the mobil.

Here’s a follow-up on yesterdays thought on stem cell research. There was an article on Yahoo’s home page which happens to be my home page. It stated new sins from the Catholic church which the Vatican announced. One of those is about stem cell research which is categorized under bioethics. Have a read.

Silliness and stem cells

10 03 2008

First of all, this morning I am writing in an empty classroom. Why, you may ask? I thought I was a bit late going to the room that I was supposed to but there were loads of Chinese in that class. I took a peek in all of the classes on that floor and no sign of my classmates. I whipped out my laptop which I don’t usually have with me, and went to check my schedule in my calender and then checked with my schedule online. But then in I noticed the time on my laptop, an hour difference. What! I must have set my alarm incorrectly and didn’t pay attention to the time in the morning besides how many minutes I had left. Ah, well, I’d rather be an hour early opposed to an hour late. So that was my silly moment already today.

Now, in biology we have been discussing diseases and ended up having a class discussion on stem cell research. I had only really heard of it before. It is actually controlling certain genes in the DNA that hopefully can be used to cure diseases and other health dilemmas. But on the other hand, it is like cloning and abortion. Stem cell research is kinda in the gray zone and I’m not really sure where I should stand on the issue. So I am leaning towards the stand I have on abortion but what about you? What’s your take on this whole issue?