A funny one

21 04 2008

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I thought to share a funny video with ya to help start off the week.

Go to this link and click on the video “annoying mom phrases”

Have a good one! 


Jo & Barry

17 04 2008

I have traveled to Manchester to take part in a workshop by BHP. I was there about a half a year ago and it was awesome. Diddo for this time too. I wish I could go to all of their workshops. Anyways here’s some photo’s from the day.

Creative Stuff

3 04 2008


In our efforts to make cool things or make things cool, we all try to be a bit of a designer. Whether we try on flyer’s, brochures, posters or reports, sometimes it just doesn’t have that image that professionals provide. So to check if you have bad graphic design habits check out this website. That’s what happened to me a few years back when I wanted to do things. It just didn’t look that good. But after picking up tips from here and there, I’ve gotten a better idea of what’s considered good work.

Then there are some additional ones if you would like some inspiration or would like to learn more. There are loads of sites out there so list is just a few of them:

So hopefully on your next project, it will have a nicer flare about it and more eye catching than you initially thought.

Good luck in your creativity!

Weekend Getaway

2 04 2008

So here are some photos from our weekend together in Sheffield. They just needed a weekend getaway from the big city. Don’t we all at times? We started off with an English breakfast at Millenium Gardens on Saturday. Around the corner we visited the Winter Gardens that have ca 2,500 specimens of plants from all corners of the earth. Next to it is Peace Gardens. But like England would have it, the rain came down. So we headed to meadowhall, the big mall in town, for a snack named cheesecake and visited my workplace. They were shocked to see me on my day off. We tried to pack so much into a day so we went to Chiquitos for mexican dinner (yum yum), saw 10, 000 BC at the cinema and finished off the evening with ice skating. Pheww. I was informed by an employee that no photography was allowed around the ice rink thus the few images. Odd. All in all, it was an eventful Saturday. Sunday was church followed by a visit to the botanical gardens. It wasn’t so beautiful at this time of year but still decent. I can only imagine what it might be like in a few months time during the summer. Well, it was a good weekend and it’s always fun to have guests over. Thank you!




  • Talking about photos, I wanted to let you know, if you didn’t already since it is a bit of old news now, about Photoshop Express. It’s FREE! Everyone likes free. It’s a program online that you can import your photos, edit, create online albums to share your memories. You can read more about it at Scott Kelby’s or Terry Whites blogs. Here’s a learning center for it that takes you through the whole process from import to the end and it’s also free. 🙂 It’s provided by Kelby training.

Laters, ya’ll.