8 05 2008

This past weekend my youngest brother and mom visited me for their weekend getaway. It was their first time to come up. Many probably did so since it was bank holiday weekend. In town there was a “continental market” which had loads of people from France, some from Germany and I met one from Holland and Poland. We thought to try some of the food. We had samosas for an appetizer. So m brother and I split a kangaroo burger. Yep, you read that right. Kangaroo. It didn’t taste wild and not much different from normal. Then we had chocolate french crepes. Whatever they put into the crepes made it deliciousioso. This weekend felt like summer is around the corner and flowers even popped up at Botanical Gardens. The colors were so vibrant!




One response

14 05 2008

i love the first sepia pic of ben, i like how you arranged the pics so it flows well, i am so happy classes are over, i have more assignment, then its just my dissertation to think about. i want to focus not just on that but on the fact i will have more time to make money! i love summers….

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