G.C. Podcasts

14 05 2008

Okey, so if you haven’t heard of podcasts it’s time that you have. Think of a radio show that you like to listen to and couldn’t listen to it cuz you were busy during that time. What about news that you missed? Now, a podcast is a recorded version of that show that you can download and listen to it whenever you want. There’s even video podcasts. If you have an iPod you can sync it and listen to or view it on the go. Cool, eh? The best thing is that practically all of them are free. You can check out the podcast directory in your iTunes app.

General Conference was about a month ago and they’ve made it available for a podcast. Actually since 2004. However, they don’t provide the priesthood session. You’ll have to buy the CD’s to get it. You if you want to listen to it on the go, download on all the talks and you’ll be in touch like never before.




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