Currently I am a full-time student at Sheffield Hallam University studying bioscience. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Afterwards, I will go on to dental school with possible locations of UCLA, OSU or Toronto or somewhere else (who knows?). Finally, I will finish my student career in orthodontic school consisting of 2-3 years. Pheww. When it is all done, I will either open up my own orthodontic office or take over someone who will be retiring. What a plan, eh? Then I will get to see people’s lives and self-esteem change because they feel more comfortable with their smile. 🙂 That’s essentially what I want to do, contribute by making a difference in people’s lives.

In my free time I enjoy Apple products and photography, health and fitness, service, dance, smiles and cooking. I do like meeting new people, funny stuff, silliness, hanging around my sister, experiencing new places, food (like enchiladas, tikki masala, stir fries, any berry yogurt, smoothies, and…) and food for the mind. I believe in the motto “be all you can be.” I would like to be a modern renaissance man. 😉 How cool would that be!

The intention for this blog is to share what my life is like as a student in a different country. Right now I am trying to understand why everyone says “cheers” for everything. Additionally, I like to share my impressions of things and tell of cool experiences.


2 responses

9 05 2008
Dayna Bentzel-Flood

Hi Leo!
Nancy gave me the link to your blog so I thought I’d check it out. Very cool! Glad to see all is well with you-it’s been a long time! (1999!?!?!?)
Take Care!!!

9 05 2008

Dude, it has been a while! I moved to Minnesota in Dec 1998. But then I think I might have met you briefly in winter 2001 when you came over to our house?? I might be just day dreaming. Anyways, it’s cool you swung by and checked my blog out. There’s more to come. 🙂

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