12 06 2008

Lately I haven’t done much except for work since I had my last exam. However, last week I went down to London see my sister Emma who flew from NH and Ben, my youngest bro, who will be moving in with my sisters in like 10 days. I’ll be sharing some photos over the next few posts. Todays’ pict’s come from a visit with a friend of the family, Kevin. We got to meet up for lunch in between his classes. I met him a few years ago through Nancy. He’s a riot and loves to laugh. Actually he’ll laugh at anything and should of been an actor opposed to a teacher in a girls school. His facial expressions are so dramatical sometimes, it’s funny. He’s a wiz in the kitchen as well and a lot of fun.



26 05 2008

I have always loved dancing. And I appreciate when others perform well. So here’s a clip of one guy on the show in the UK.

Mike Wallace= 90

15 05 2008

Everyone has heard of Mike Wallace. He even interviewed Pres. Hinckley and wrote an intro of Pres. Hinckley in “Standing for Something”. Well, he’s just turned 90 years old. Amazing. Thought you’d like to know and here’s a little video clip on him by his very own work colleague Andy Rooney.

Video on Mike Wallace

G.C. Podcasts

14 05 2008

Okey, so if you haven’t heard of podcasts it’s time that you have. Think of a radio show that you like to listen to and couldn’t listen to it cuz you were busy during that time. What about news that you missed? Now, a podcast is a recorded version of that show that you can download and listen to it whenever you want. There’s even video podcasts. If you have an iPod you can sync it and listen to or view it on the go. Cool, eh? The best thing is that practically all of them are free. You can check out the podcast directory in your iTunes app.

General Conference was about a month ago and they’ve made it available for a podcast. Actually since 2004. However, they don’t provide the priesthood session. You’ll have to buy the CD’s to get it. You if you want to listen to it on the go, download on all the talks and you’ll be in touch like never before.


9 05 2008

Boy, I haven’t blogged that much in the past month or so. One day turns into a week and then a month. Yikes! The end of school has had me freaking out. For example the past two weeks, there have been deadlines for 10 assignments that are medium to large sized assignments and then exams are upon us. We all know how it feels. We feel like running around waving our hands above our head and having a sound of “aahhhhh” come out of our opened mouth at an annoying volume. Each day my skin crawls knowing I am one day closer to the Chemistry exam and a week later a Biology exam. (I’m not to worried about the Math and Physics one). I prefer not to retake in a months time.  I’m not too sure how much I will be blogging in the next two weeks but hopefully a few entries.

Alright, chill out and have a good weekend.


8 05 2008

This past weekend my youngest brother and mom visited me for their weekend getaway. It was their first time to come up. Many probably did so since it was bank holiday weekend. In town there was a “continental market” which had loads of people from France, some from Germany and I met one from Holland and Poland. We thought to try some of the food. We had samosas for an appetizer. So m brother and I split a kangaroo burger. Yep, you read that right. Kangaroo. It didn’t taste wild and not much different from normal. Then we had chocolate french crepes. Whatever they put into the crepes made it deliciousioso. This weekend felt like summer is around the corner and flowers even popped up at Botanical Gardens. The colors were so vibrant!

A funny one

21 04 2008

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I thought to share a funny video with ya to help start off the week.

Go to this link and click on the video “annoying mom phrases”

Have a good one!